History of Life Transitions Academy

Life Transitions Academy was established at Tempe, Arizona in 2001 by Thomas Ryan, DM, MBA and Gene Gallant, CPA. The mission of the 501(c)3 nonprofit was to encourage adults overcoming addictions to fully integrate back into the community as productive participants. This meant developing common sense life skills that would provide confidence in God given talents and lead to a successful career path. The method trains the body to develop productive skills, trains the mind to be self-motivated and positive (NO VICTIM MENTALITY) and anchors them in a strong relationship with God.

The initial program was working with Teen Challenge participants in Phoenix and has expanded to working with:

  • UN Refugees through Abounding Service
  • Mentally ill and substance abuse clients through Recovery Peer Support Network
  • Homeless & dysfunctional people through Phoenix World Outreach
  • Reducing crime and its impact on victims and taxpayer costs through Life Skills Institute
  • Equipping for success both youth and adults with practical education videos and services