Education You Can Use
Equipping for Success
  • Life Transitions Academy plans to produce and distribute a series of foundational skills videos to benefit both adults and youth entering the workforce to establish a new career.

  • These videos will help develop practical skills that build common sense and confidence that is necessary to overcome the barriers to finding good job opportunities.

Life Transitions Academy will distribute the foundational skills videos free to all high school teachers upon request to assist in the real-world education of future business leaders, our youth.

Your Contribution Will

  • Impact the education of thousands of students via our high school outreach
  • Help the next generation become more successful entrepreneurs and decision makers
  • Complete the production of the first video: Accounting You Can Understand
  • Set up an interactive website to distribute educational material
  • Establish an effective social media outreach
  • Earn our appreciation as a person who cares about future leaders
  • Provide you with a tax deductible donation (Consult with your tax advisor)
Accounting You Can Understand

Whether you love or hate accounting, there is no denial that understanding it is critical to making consistently good business decisions.

The Accounting You Can Understand video is designed to provide the user with a concise presentation of the fundamental principles of the accounting system in a new and entertaining way.